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The interior design trends that will take 2020 by storm

Our homes are often evolving to match our changing lives and the ever-updating styles and trends that interior design throws at us. Luckily, 2020 is seeing more of a turn towards interior design trends that emphasise minimalism, expressionism and celebrating our own personalities.

Understated Simplicity

This interior design trend is a natural evolution from the Scandinavian cool that has dominated homes in recent years. This look celebrates stripped-back styles that focus on tranquillity, comfort and relaxation. This style is ideal for those with a busy work life, who enjoy coming home to a minimalistic and relaxing space. Paint and decorate your home with varying neutral tones, from beiges to greys. This helps evoke a calm and warm space that feels homely, but not cluttered. Choose more sustainable pieces and invest in thoughtful additions that will stay in your home for a long time.

Eclectic Personalisation

This classic interior design trend evokes homes of people who have lived interesting lives, combining their tastes and experiences into a varied home that expresses their individuality. Whether you love 70s décor, sophisticated elegance, bold metallics or bright colours – you can have it all with eclectic home design. This trend treats your home like a patchwork quilt, patching together each and every one of your tastes, artefacts and current faves, even if you feel like they traditionally wouldn’t go together. Give your home the perfect base for personalisation with a plain ivory, royal blue, ruby or canary yellow base. Add decorative photo frames with sentimental pictures and prints, items you collected from your travels and your favourite books scattered on your coffee table.

Technological Comforts

We live in an age of technology and smart homes, and the smart home trend is starting to seep into interior design. We can combine the latest technology with traditional home comforts to create an entirely new kind of space. This interior design trend keeps a home simple and minimalistic, with pale-coloured walls and neutral-toned furniture. Smart home assistants, security features, speakers, entertainment systems and kitchen appliances form the statement decor, giving the home a pioneering feel, while the comfort levels and cosy warmth are increased with soft and touchable textures in blankets, cushions and throws.

Abstract Glamour

Punchy, vibrant colours and big, bold patterns will dominate homes in 2020. This style offers an elegant and fun balance of free-spirited interiors and modern art style glamour. Incorporate this style into your own home by accessorising simplistic and subdued blank canvas walls, sofas, chairs and beds with pops of primary colours and abstract expressionist-inspired artwork. Invest in pieces that boast loud geometric patterns, expressionistic sketches and colour blocking. This will be an especially thrilling home décor trend to experiment with for those who enjoy expressing their creativity in their home, evoking confident personalities and upbeat moods.

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