Healing Crystals and Where to Place them in yourHome

Semiprecious stones and crystals have been used in healing for thousands of years. Spring to 2019 and they’ve never been more popular. Thanks, in part, to celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Adele and Gwyneth Paltrow (naturally) championing their magical properties.

Though the power of stones and crystals isn’t scientific, they can promote a feeling of “good energy.” This might explain why they are becoming popular in UK households, where good energy is welcome in abundance.

British marketplace www.OnBuy.com analysed almost 100 varieties of stones and crystals to put together a helpful guide to choosing the right crystals for your home. After all, it’s important to consider the energy each room needs and deserves!

The Loft: Apache Tears

Apache Tears heal grief and trauma, old and new, and are particularly useful if you live in an old property which holds negative energy from previous owners. Apache Tears are nourishing, grounding and gentle, and cleanse the aura to protect against negativity. Placing them at the top of the house will allow their protective energy to radiate over the home.

The Bedroom: Howlite 

Known for its calming qualities, Howlite encourages you to “live and let live.” At its core, it promotes the want to let go, eases stress and encourages you to make peace with the day.  In turn, Howlite promotes true rest and is the perfect gemstone for the bedroom; especially if you suffer with insomnia or other sleep disorders. 

The Bathroom: Aquamarine 

Associated with water, Aquamarine has a cooling energy, which calms anger and soothes the soul to a relaxed, yet alert state. This results in the ability to connect to your inner wisdom and to seek truth amid conflict. After a long day, with worry on your mind, a soak in the bath supported by Aquamarine will wash away negative attachments; making way for converted energy.

The Lounge: Amber 

Amber carries the energy of the sun. The warmth and wellbeing qualities connected with the gemstone make it favourable for the lounge, as this is a room where people seek comfort and restoration. Amber can lift spirits and holds power to comfort the sick, therefore, it is best-placed near the sofa for those taking to rest and recovery. 

The Kitchen: Jade 

Green Jade carries the energy of the Earth. Wonderfully wholesome and nurturing, Jade is suited to the kitchen – oftentimes called the heart of the home. This gemstone draws the abundance of nature into your home and helps to promote physical prosperity and wellbeing. Jade also supports harmonious connections, fostering relationships with good energy; perfect for families who cook together.

The Dining Room: Unakite 

Like Jade, Unakite works to support a healthy alignment of physical, mental and spiritual bodies. A gemstone that champions well-being overall, Unakite supports the physical body by purging toxicity from old negative emotions, like anger and resentment, and bad habits like over-eating. This makes it the perfect stone to include in the dining room or any eating space.

The Office: Fluorite 

Fluorite is a great support for the mind, whether it needs to work, study or memorise and understand specific patterns. A key addition to any office, Fluorite is particularly effective for those who get confused or distracted easily, as it wipes the mind free of mental clutter. A healing crystal sure to bring focus and clarity, which enables you to focus on the task in hand.


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