Movie Casinos That You Can Visit in Real Life

If you love action, espionage, gambling, romance, or even comedy films, you’ve probably already seen your fair share of Las Vegas casinos. Sin City – and by extension gambling itself – has always been deeply associated with film and entertainment. Much like the mythical ‘golden age’ of Hollywood, casinos are concerned with the pursuit of glory and fortune. And from the roots of filmmaking and entertainment to their modern iterations, this relationship can still be observed today.

In the modern and digital era, movies and casinos actually intersect in different and interesting ways. This relationship is highly apparent in the increasingly popular world of online casinos, for which many films serve as easily adaptable material for interactive digital games. As a Gala Spins feature on the gaming and film industries details, there have been various iconic movies that have inspired increasingly popular slots. This includes films such as the beloved ‘90s adventure Jumanji, the comedy classic Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and the cult horror film Gremlins. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how films and casinos intersect in the modern world of gaming. There are countless other films that have done the same for today’s increasingly prolific online casinos.

That being said, the relationship between casinos and film go way beyond the digital realm. In fact, you can actually visit many of the real-life casinos in which different films have been shot. And here are some of these must-see locations.


The Bellagio is a Las Vegas institution to say the least. Most famously, the interior of this casino was heavily featured in the star-studded remake of Ocean’s 11. This luxurious casino is certainly the perfect location for arguably the greatest heist movie of all time. Furthermore, as a Las Vegas Review Journal feature details, The Bellagio is also home to one of the most iconic landmarks in the city: its fountains. And apart from that dangerous action scene in The Hangover Part III, The Bellagio’s fountains have been the site of many other star-studded moments as well.


Easily one of the most recognisable buildings in film history, Caesars Palace is a 600,000 square-foot establishment that is sometimes referred to as the embodiment of Las Vegas. From comedies like The Hangover series to action-packed flicks like Iron Man and dramas like Dreamgirls, Caesars Palace has seen it all. The film Rain Man also showed us a glimpse of this casino’s lavish rooms.


The Mirage Hotel & Casino is one of the most successful spots on The Strip. If you’ve seen the movie GTA: San Diego, you might remember it as the Visage hotel. Known for staging the surreal shows of performance troupe Cirque du Soleil as well as its own ‘erupting’ volcano, it’s no wonder that this casino attracts its fair share of silver screen attention. Older film fans might also recognise The Mirage Hotel & Casino from Vegas Vacation, a ‘90s comedy starring the great Chevy Chase.


Only two films were shot in this casino: the drama Somewhere and the romantic comedy What Happens In Vegas. The reason for this is that although Planet Hollywood is a famous casino, it’s also mostly known for its restaurants and different activities. However, it is these very offerings that have made it ideal for shooting these two films about human relationships. Furthermore, Planet Hollywood is also the only casino that’s actually dedicated to the art of filmmaking. And for that alone, it certainly deserves a place on this list.

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